Legal notes about cookies

Our website uses cookies in order to facilitate the website browsing experience. These notes give detailed information about use of cookies and how to run them.


What cookies are

Cookies are short text fragments (letters and/or numbers) that allow web server to memorize client’s (browser) information which can be re-utilized within the web session (session cookies) or later, even after several days (persistent cookies).


Cookies typologies

Three cookies typologies exist:

  • technical cookies. They are essential to the correct operation of website and they are utilized for example in order to run user’s localization. Duration of cookies is strictly limited within the session (when the browser is quit they will be deleted);
  • analytical cookies. They are used in order to collect and analyze website traffic and use in an unidentified way. Even if they don’t identify the user, these cookies allow, for instance, to notice whether the same user is connecting again at different times. Besides this, they help to monitor the system and enhance its performances and usability. De-activation of these cookies can be done without any loss of functionality;
  • profiling cookies. They are permanent cookies used in order to characterize (either in unidentified or identified way) user’s preferences, so to improve browsing experience. The present website does not use profiling cookies.


Cookies duration

Some cookies (web session cookies) are only active until the browser is in use and the user remains logged in. Other cookies (persistent cookies) remain available for further accesses by the user. Their duration is fixed by the server at the time of their creation. In some cases an expiring date is fixed, in other cases duration is unlimited. The present website does not use persistent cookies.


Third parties cookies

When browsing a website one can get cookies both from the visited site (owner) and from sites run by further organizations (third parties). The present website does not use third parties cookies, apart from Google Analytics.


Google Analytics

This website also includes some components posted by Google Analytics, a web traffic analysis service given by Google Inc. (Google). They are third parties cookies collected and run in an unidentified way in order to monitor and improve performances of host website (performance cookies).

Google Analytics uses cookies to collect and analyze in an unidentified form information about website browsing behaviors (user’s IP address included). Such information is collected by Google Analytics, which elaborate it so to draw up reports addressed to operators of the website, with regard to activities carried out by the user. The present website does not utilize (and it does not allow third parties to do it) Google Analytics in order to monitor or collect identifying personal information. Google neither associates IP address with any other data owned by Google nor tries to link IP address with user’s identity. Google could transmit this information to third parties if imposed by law or when third parties are handling that information on behalf of Google.

More information is available at the following link

User can selectively de-activate Google Analytics installing on his/her own browser opt-out component provided by Google. Further information on the topic is available at the following link


Cookies management

User can decide whether to accept or not cookies using setups of his/her own browser. Totally or partially de-activating technical cookies can make user’s experience worse but it does not threaten utilization of website

De-activating third parties cookies does not compromise browsing in any way. Setups can be defined in specific way according to different sites and web applications. Besides this, browsers allow to define different setups for technical or third parties cookies.

More information is available at the following links: Chrome - Firefox - Internet Explorer - Opera - Safari