We are a good team

and all together we realized La Pietra Felice!

The carrier is Riccardo; his wife Anna, their dog Nemo and theis cats root for him.

But also: friends who encouraged and supported the realization, workers and artisans who built it, professionals who assist it and suppliers who serve it, institutions and officers who’re in charge of specific aspects, neighbours who patiently tolerated construction disadvantages and who are now offering their day-by-day affordable and cheerful presence, and village fellows who have always been showing friendly and supporting attitudes… they all are part of our team. Thank you to them all!

And, even more, a special thank to the forefathers Pietro e Felice, from whom La Pietra Felice takes its name, as nothing of all this could have happened without them!

If you will, we’ll tell you their story, one day.

Love and respect for the environment

The environment surrounding La Pietra Felice is its first resource! Because of this:

  • the building has been repaired following modern criteria: thermal insulation, pellet stove, solar panels, insulating windows, wood and stone and as much natural materials as possible
  • eco-friendly products are preferably used for cleaning
  • bed sheets and towels are made of natural fibers: cotton and linen
  • food is fresh and local, and preferably cooked for a daily consumption.

Close to La Pietra Felice many different itineraries start, either in case one is willing to take a short and relaxing walk or, being well-trained, one is looking for more challenging ways. You will have the opportunity to leave the car parked and dive at once to discover local beauties. Let us know in advance if you wish to be accompanied and we will be able to introduce you to some professional associations: naturalistic guides, alpine guides, ski trainers, also prepared for people with special-needs or guides for visually impaired athletes.

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